SSL Certificates

Positive SSL

PositiveSSL is one of the most popular and inexpensive SSL certificates on the market. This hassle-free cert is an ideal entry-level solution – a perfect choice for websites such as blogs and personal pages that don't transact large amounts of user info. In most cases, the certificate can be issued in 15 minutes or less. Like all low-cost SSL solutions from Namecheap, PositiveSSL brings encryption, validation, and trustworthiness to your site.

Great for personal websites or social media
Domain Validation
Single Domain
Encryption (up to 256-bit)

Premium SSL

The PremiumSSL certificate is designed for securing e-commerce websites carrying out high-volume and high-value transactions. It's a full business-validated certificate – Comodo not only validates the domain name, it also authenticates the company behind the online business. All PremiumSSL certificates come with a $250,000 warranty and may take as few as two business days to issue.

Great for E-commerce, corporate, NGO, or governmental websites
Organization Validation
Single Domain
Encryption (up to 256-bit)

EV SSL Certificate

EV SSL Certificate

Increase your sales with a Comodo EV SSL certificate by showing your customers a visible secure sign.
The green browser address bar that displays your company's name next to the URL. Exclusive to EV SSL certificates, the green bar assures your site visitors that their sensitive data is transmitted by a highly secured, trustworthy domain that uses the strongest possible SHA2 and ECC encryption on all communications.
Additionally, the TrustLogo Site Seal and $1.75m warranty help with users' peace of mind.

  • Great for E-commerce, corporate, NGO, or governmental websites

  • Extended Validation GREENBAR

  • Single Domain

  • Encryption (up to 256-bit)

Please note that since EV SSL provides full business validation, your certificate may take up to 10 business days to be issued.

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